From the artistic idea to the musical work, we strive to capture the emotional quintessence of the message in order to translate it into sound and music. We sculpt the work so that it can be best shared by the communities we target. Mainstream music, experimental music, conceptual music, soundtrack, taking risks or adapting to an audience, we treat each project with the same consciousness of a job well done with the help of our 360 degrees network of partners. Aware of the importance of music in our societies, on the listeners and for the artists, we treat it with great respect so that it keeps its central role in the emancipation and evolution of humanity.

I look forward to helping you with your project, mail me, leave me a chat message or let's get in touch through one of these vectors:

studio owner, composer & producer

A classical background, a live-act oriented / instrumentalist approach, a 30 years computer music production experience and growing network are the elements I can bring to your project. Discography


Behringer Model D, Deepmind 12D, MAM MB33 (TB303 clone), Arturia Drumbrute Impact, MiniBrute, Jomox MBase 101, Roland JP8000, Roland XP-60, Korg Volca Kick, Electrix Filter Factory, EMU Orbit, Mackie VLZ4 Mixing Desk, Lexicon, TC Electronic, TX Helicon, Alesis, Aphex, DBX Processing Gear.


ADAM 2.1 Monitoring system, Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 Audio Interface, Ableton Live Suite 11, Izotope, Arturia, Fabfilter, Reveal Sound, Valhalla Plugins.


Born in Geneva, lived in Berlin, Vienna and now in Zürich. Started to play guitar at 7, first scene at 10. Geneva Music Conservatory Certificate in classical guitar. Geneva High School of Music. Faculty of musicology and sociology at the University of Fribourg. I compose music since 1980, produce electronic music since 1988, first trance live-act in 1998, set up my first pro studio in 1999.


Vocal Artists: Azania Noah (The Voice France), Diamà (Music Star Switzerland), Adam Joseph (Grammy Nominated), Shoshana Bean (Broadway), La Velle Duggan (Ray Charles Chorist), SAJ, Nellyo, Jessica Atlas, Fred, Vanessa, Eve.

DJs & Live Acts: Dave Joy (Planet Traxx), Max B Grant (ETX Editiontraxx), Johnny Feyd (Electrodd Records), Dj Chris (Lake Parade), Freaky Boy (Deep Mission), Skyline live (Lotuce Records), Paco Dalmar, Jean Lostebien, Dj Jurgen, Dj Spaxx, Dj Doug, Dj Mephisto, Dj Stout, Dj Muss, Night Sector (N*S), Dj Quark, Mael de Veyrier, Dj Mister Al, Skail Master M, Baldino, Mister Pink, Benny Chains, Dj Soho, Glitzerhaus, Kohtek, Tatana, Dj Vesiga, Nude, D.A.R.R.Y.L., Max Robbers, Marek Douglas, Sputnik Jam, Pat & Jiam, Dj H-Trax.

Media featuring: MTV, ABC, VIVA, MCM, RTS, Léman Bleu, Couleur 3, One FM, Mixmag, Ministry Magazine.

Labels featuring: Universal Music Publishing, Warner Marketing, Musik Vertrieb, Kontor, Ministry of Sound, Tunnel Records, Deep Mission Limited, Planet Traxx, ETX Editiontraxx, Musik Vertrieb, Legend Records, TBA, EDM, Blockbuster Records, Pulsive.

Brands projects: Stimorol, Lake Parade Geneva, Street Parade Zürich, Crossair, Europride.


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